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Deadburg - Xbox 360

Home Base

You can fortify and choose which area or building you want for your base. This lets you be safe from zombies (depending on base and fortifications) and you can store food, weapons, etc. in your base. When you have picked your base there will be a home icon on your screen so you can be able to find your base again easily. Fortifications should be barbed wire, boarding up windows and doors (for the night), and fences.... more »


104 votes
111 up votes
7 down votes

Deadburg - Xbox 360

Weapons,items etc

I think food is too easy to get so maybe when you are looting the fridges or cabinets, theres a chance you might not anything
And decrease the amount you get in the stores and etc.
Also be able to put items back in shelfes,cabinets,closets and fridges. Also limit the amount of stuff you can carry. Also add chests to store items.Also i thought about a few weapons
-Baseball bat with nails
-Sniper Rifles... more »


63 votes
77 up votes
14 down votes

Deadburg - Xbox 360

Weapons, Attachments, and Balances.

So as a big fan of Voxel games, and Zombies, This got me hyped, much like CMZ or 7 days. I wanna see this fully explored.

To my knowledge I have found 6 guns about 8 melee weapons. As a person who plays with a team and generally likes to collect weapons this just won't do XD.

So I'm creating a small list of weapons(About 4/5), as well as stats for said weapons and attachments for them.


.22... more »


49 votes
57 up votes
8 down votes